I produce ranges of functional ware, exploring traditional and

contemporary aesthetics. I use porcelain and stoneware as the main

materials to produce my work. 


As a maker, I am very much interested in the environment I am living

in. I draw inspiration from my immediate surroundings. Architecture

plays a large part in this assimilation. I am intrigued by the volumes and

spaces contained within buildings. Textures and colors I find around

me enrich my visual and tactile sensibility, continuously driving new

paths of investigation. 


By growing up and being educated in a variety of countries- Korea,

Brazil, America and England- I have been exposed to different cultures,

tastes and aesthetics. My work is an attempt to explore and to

reconcile these aspects.


I am fascinated about how everyday objects can dictate a cultural

habit and vice versa. It is intriguing how these objects being in

different places, integrated into different peoples life can bring

different meanings or feelings with them. And, conversely, how the

same objects can also affect their surrounding. 


For me, making is a continuous journey and an attempt to understand

my present environment. The idea of how this journey is revealed to

someone through my work intrigues me.